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Artist Bio:

Beverly was born in and continues to reside in New Jersey. As long as she can remember, the desire to create has always been uncontrollable. She recalls as a little girl spending hours with her friend Billy, drawing her own paper dolls and their outfits, constructing convertibles for them out of shoes boxes and, when alone in her room, copying the pictures from a gilded page book of bible stories, which today she keeps safely tucked away on her bookshelf.


Beverly’s formal training began in the late 60s at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she majored in English, but found it impossible to stay out of the art department. There, under the tutelage of renowned painter David Driscoll and sculptor Martin Puryear, she learned principles of design and color theory.


After graduating from college, Beverly set about raising two great kids and worked in structured jobs with absolutely no leeway for creativity. However, it was while listening to the book, “Women Who Run With The Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype”, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, that Beverly was assured that one day her art, even though jumpstarted later in life, would become her number one irrepressible priority.


Beverly enjoys experimenting with and exploring different mediums, but collage and assemblage seem to be the most self-fulfilling. She’s studied collage with artists such as Jonathan Talbot and conversations with Benny Andrews were a great inspiration. Beverly has exhibited her work throughout New Jersey, New York and she recently had a most successful solo exhibit in New Orleans.

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